6-12-2023 Market Updates

June 12, 2023 – As the market awaits the Federal Reserve’s decision on rate hike in their upcoming meeting, inflation concerns persist and continue to keep mortgage rates elevated. Bank of Canada’s first rate-increase since January applied upward pressure on yields, but higher-than-expected jobless claims reported late last week provided a counterbalance that push rates down. …

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Grant Deed Fraud – What is it and how to protect oneself

Grant deeds are legal documents used to transfer ownership of real estate property from one party to another. While grant deeds are crucial for establishing property rights, they can also be susceptible to fraudulent activities. Grant deed fraud occurs when someone manipulates or forges a grant deed to unlawfully transfer property ownership or encumber it …

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4/2/2023 Weekly Market Update

Calmer Markets After several weeks of extreme volatility in mortgage markets due to concerns about the banking sector, perhaps the most noticeable change this week was the relative calm. While investors remained alert for troubles spreading to additional banks, tensions have eased, and the daily swings in mortgage rates have returned to more normal levels. …

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